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< Castings for Cylinder Assembly >

Here I prepare several gunmetal castings for cylinder block assembly. As usual, I prepared wood patterns by Modela and ask a local foundry to cast with them.

These are single side flat-bottom patterns. The round patterns are for cylinder front covers and inner steam chest back cover. The rectangle patterns are for back end bushs of inner and outer main rods.

The pair of divided patterns is for cylinder back covers and piston rod front end bush. I combined them so as to make the patterns stable. After casting, the front end bush will be sawn off.

The steam chest front cover will be cast with a pedestal. The pedestal is also utilized as a cutting base for Modela.

The procedure is as follows.
1) The bottom side of the pattern is cut.
2) The pedestal is cut.
3) The pattern is set onto the pedestal and the top side of the pattern is cut.

The pair of patterns is for outer steam chest back covers.

The divided patterns with core box set are for piston valve liners.

The pattern with a pedestal is for top flange of the cylinder block. The pedestal was also utilized as a cutting base for Modela.

These patterns are for large arm and its bracket of the Gresley valve gear set. They will become cast irons because they should be rigid.

Finished gunmetal castings

Finished cast irons

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