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A drain slide bar goes through four drain cocks in each side. The slide bar has slant faces. When pulled backward, the bar push the drain cock's lift bar up and open the valve. The slide bar is laser-cut from 2.3 mm steel plate.

Each arm for the drain cocks is made from a laser-cut part with a round bar bush silver-soldered on it and finally bent. There is a screw hole for a set screw between the laser-cut part and the bush.

Brackets for fitting to chassis are also made from laser-cut parts and bushes.

Connecting rod between the slide bar and the arm is made from 3 mm square bar with silver-soldered 2 mm studs. The stud has screwed tip in order to secure the parts with a nut.

The components are temporarily assembled. I will design and make the reach rod to the cab, after designing the running board.

The photo shows drive shaft that drives the arms. Note the shaft has flat faces for set screws of the arms.

C53 has a feedwater heater behind the front buffer beam. Two steam pipes from the heater are connected to the cylinder block's steam chests with flanges. I cut faces and screw holes for the flanges. The photo shows a drilling jig screwed onto the cylinder block.

I made two light trolleys for Hunslet. On the other hand, I've kept old driving trolley that is heavy and not easy to handle. So I decided to shorten the old trolley. The photo shows before shortening.

This is after shortening. I removed steps for passengers, cut back half of the body and reset the back plate. Both bogie trucks were shifted toward the both ends. The number of inside water tank was reduced from 3 to 1.

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