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First of all, I prepared materials. Almost of the castings is cast iron, but I utilize gunmetal castings for cylinder component. The wood patterns were cut by Modela. I designed the patterns calculating cast shrinking of 1% for iron and 2% for gunmetal. The patterns' material is chemical wood.

The photo shows all of wood patterns. Average pattern size is smaller than that of C53, so I could finish pattern making in a short time. I requested to cast them to usual foundries for each material.

The gunmetal castings were delivered. The foundry asked me how I make such precise patterns. It is natural because I utilize Modela!

I also requested laser cutting steel plates to a local factory. The thickness variation is 1.6 2 2.5 3.2 4.5 6 9 12mm.

The photo shows OS ready made parts. I took the measure of them and packed again.

The boiler was ordered to Western Steam Model Engineers (UK). Designed weight is 21kg. These days, Japanese Yen is so strong that it is a good timing to purchase expensive parts from overseas.

As a result, I prepared a lot of outsourcing parts. Is it batter calling the project "personal kit making"?

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