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"Shay Geared Locomotive"

In December 2012, I visited 762 mm gauge Alishan forest railway in Taiwan to see Shay geared locomotive. I had expected there were few preserved locos but actually the railway company has three Shays in working condition and 13 preserved Shays. However there is no constant service by the company. I got the chance because 2012 is 100th anniversary of Alishan forest railway. I took photos and videos of them.

In this time, No.25 Shay was driven. When I arrived at Chiayi steam shed at 9:00, No.25 already finished steaming up.

There is no cylinder in the left side of Shay. So it looks simple and slender. The coal banker's walls are expanded to the height of the cab. This is a distinctive feature of Alishan's Shay.

No.25 Shay has three cylinders. There are two cylinders' Shays in Alishan, too.

The anniversary train has American style wood coaches that were suitable for the forest railway.

This is No.13 Shay preserved in the shed. Chiayi steam shed is freely opened as a railway park.

This is Peimen station next to Chiayi steam shed. It's an old Japanese style station building.

No.25 met No.26 Shay after today's run. No.26 is also in working condition.

My video clip of No.25 Shay running --->


CK124 is the most outstanding steam loco in working condition in Taiwan. She is based on Japanese C12 tank locomotive but has deflectors and cow catchers that C12 doesn't have. In March 2013, I got information of CK124 running.

I caught CK124 on Jushan-line in west Taiwan. The front view looks like Japanese C56 tender locomotive that has deflectors and the same basic design with C12.

CK124 train arrived at Shengxing station. It was so crowded with not only passengers but also visitors by cars that I couldn't take nice photos. Steam locomotive train is favored also in Taiwan.

Simple water feeding at the station.

Yu-san was driving his small train near the station. He's looking for more suitable space for service.

This is supporting diesel loco at the end of the train. It's originally red color but was painted same color as passenger cars.

Near Shengxing station, there are three continuous tunnels. This is a scenic site of Jushan-line.

This is the most suitable site to take photo of trains in Jushan-line.

Also video clip of CK124 running --->

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