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On October 26th, Taiwanese model engineer, You Wenjin was driving his DT688 at an event of Taipei Railroad Culture Festival. I attended the event with a Japanese live-steamer, Kanou-san.

The event was held at Taipei Railway Workshop established in 1935. The workshop is going to close, so locos and cars were almost transferred to a new workshop. But I was able to see some rare items.

This is an electric car of TEMU1000 express, without trucks. The train was recently imported from Japan. It is based on JR-Kyusyu's 885 type.

I found out a locomotive boiler. I guess it is from a Japanese large steam loco. I didn't even imagine seeing such a rare item in Taiwan!

This is maybe a passenger car out of service. It has unique style windows, much similar to Japanese KIHA10 diesel car.

I can't imagine how the trucks are utilized. Are they monuments?

There is a pair of three-axle trucks. I guess they are of electric or diesel loco.

This is a big monument in a garden of the workshop. Note his hands are made from train couplers. I think his other parts are also made of train components. The blue emblem is the logotype of Taiwan Railways Administration.

Wenjin was driving his loco on a point to point track of 100 meters length.

DT688 train run was the most popular event at the festival. Many people surrounded the train. After test run, Kanou-san drove her with Wenjin's support.

I also drove her. This time, I was presented uniform shirt and cap from Wenjin and drove long time.

Some reporters from TV stations appeared and interviewed Wenjin. Many times, he have been introduced on Taiwan TV media.

The train kept on running from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wenjin, his family, Kanou-san and DT688, good job!

Video clip of DT688 running --->

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