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The weighshaft has slits to dodge the connecting rods. The slits were cut by end-mill. The reversing arm was glued onto the shaft and permanently fixed with a taper pin.

Pins for the valve gear assembly. Small nut looks neat here but is easily loosen. Therefore I glued nuts permanently while E-ring was employed at the back end of the pin. The left pair in the picture shows them. The middle pair is for the lifting links that have no back projection. And the right pair is for the tip of the radius rod that have neither front nor back projection.

After finding the front and rear dead center of the crankpins, the position was marked out on a small plate glued temporarily onto the frame.

The eccentric rod length and the return crank angle are determined at a time with a jig shown in the picture. At the front and rear dead center of the crank pin, the expansion link should be neutral.

The eccentric rods were started with cutting thickness profile.

The same jig for the valve gear parts was employed again to cut the round shape.

I found a serious mistake after all. When taking the eccentric rod length, the return crank had been tilted in wrong direction. (See previous picture again!) I fixed the problem with an eccentric bush in the rod end.

For the valve setting, I made a jig which measure the distance from the piston liner end to the piston end. Finally I will adjust it by "sound".

To bend 6*3mm reach rod blank vertically without warp, I made a steel pulley with a groove (width=3mm, depth=6mm). The picture shows how to bend the blank with the jig.

Air testing was carried out. My air compressor is so small that the wheels couldn't roll at more than 2km/h actual speed.

I rolled the chassis also on a track in my workshop. As it looks strong enough to haul a passenger, I decided to run on the club layout.

Trolley is a matter that have to be built someday to drive the engine. To save a time, I bought trucks and couplers from O.S. The body was made of old wood plate. The length of the trolley was determined from the luggage space of my car.

First running on the club layout with air compressor, battery and transformer in the trolley. The boiler is just for adding weight. She succeeded to haul me but the speed decreased to 1.5km/h. It took ten minutes to go around the layout. Hurried up by other trains, she retired soon.