< Axlebox >

Cast gunmetal bars for the axleboxes.

After cleaning of two surfaces in the lathe, the bar is bored, reamed and sawn to six axleboxes.

Jig to cut four surfaces of the axlebox symmetry. A small square can be used to ensure true angle. Slots on both sides are cut in the same manner using each horn as a gauge.

The flanges should be slightly radiused so as to allow the axleboxes to roll in the borns. I did this operation by milling in the rotary table. The same jig can be used here again.

Finished axlebox and hornstay. Hornstay is a short steel bar to close the horn. The axleboxes have to slide "smoothly but not sloppy" in the horn. In my opinion, suitable gap is 0.02 to 0.05mm in each side.