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This is final stage 'detail work', for which I need more several months. First, I prepared air compressor. In LIVESTEAM magazine, 'Kozo' explained how to make it from scratch. I adopted almost the same process as Kozo's.

The upper steam cylinder was made from 25mm brass round bar. A round bar bush for tubing was silver soldered in it. The offset hole for the bar was started with a slit endmill, then drilled through.

The lower air cylinder was also made from brass round bar. Radiator fins were cut with a home made parting tool. Before parting off, a recess for valve chest was sawn out and finished with an endmill.

The fins have a longitudinal partition at center. It was made from a thin brass square bar, silver-soldered into a silted channel in the pump body, then finished with files.

Air valve chest behind the air cylinder was made from a brass flat bar with milling and filing. It was screwed and glued onto the cylinder.

The medium part was turned from the same round bar. The front window was opened with a slit endmill.

The three parts were assembled with M1.7 brass screw. Also top and bottom surfaces have dummy screws. I prepared a jig for drilling.

The stem was made from free-cutting stainless steel bar.

The steam valve was turned from brass round bar and silver soldered. Note a small screw to fix the part, which would be filed off after soldering.

Holder for the compressor was made from mild steel angle. Note the vertical bolting face was trued up.

The compressor was finished. The additional parts (strainer, elbow, governor) will be explained in the next month.