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Front deck steps were made from iron angle, brass angle and mesh patterned brass sheet. Those were assembled with copper rivets and silver soldered.

Coupling pin lifter was made from stainless steel wire.

The lifer is hold in four brackets. They were made from steel plates, cut, annealed and twisted between two vises.

The coupler and the lifter are connected like the photo. The U-shape part was made from brass wire. It was bended, hammered, drilled and threaded.

Front deck handle was made from steel round bar. The left hand photo shows index cutting of the hexagonal part with a fat hexagonal brass bar. Tip of the handle is a brass ball. It was drilled and glued onto the bar (Loctite 648).

All of front detailed parts were painted, stoved and assembled. Incidentally, there are no such detailed parts at the rear end.

I added dummy radiator tube of the compressed air. No doubt copper tube is suitable material for the radiator tube. But I made it from a fat steel bar because copper tubes were out of stock! It was bended in a jig.

The tube brackets were made from brass band sheet. The photo shows how to bend 'wave' profile. The band was pulled and rounded along the pins with a plier. The pins were added one by one.

The brackets have small holes for rivets. Note a brass rectangle bar on the jig, as a guide of drilling.

Assembled radiator tube.

View from underneath of the running board. The tube and whistle were connected with elbows which I introduced last month.