< Detail Work 5 >

The current whistle was blowing too gentle. So I changed taper angle of the whistle valve from 3deg to 5deg. Left hand in the photo is the new one.

I added curved troughs on both sides of the roof. They are made from 3mm brass squares and fixed with brass rivets. The removable center roof is fixed on the roof with two screws.

The body was also painted with heat-resistant paint. It was stoved like the photo. It spent one week to complete the stoving.

A dummy whistle was made from brass parts. It was screwed on a side of the steam dome cover. The whistle design obeys Kozo's "New Shay".

The air compressor exhaust pipe was led beside the chimney. The pipe was made from 3mm steel wire, drilled at the top and threaded at the bottom. The support was made from a hand rail stanchion. It was screwed into the chimney in advance. Then, through the pipe, the chimney was mounted on the smokebox.

As the photo shows, the air compressor steam pipe was lagged by a handcraft flat string with epoxy adhesive. The pipe itself was made from a steel wire. The governor had been painted and glued on the wire, in advance.

Operating lever was added to the sand box. It was connected to the draw bar's forked end. The draw bar is stainless steel wire.

There are so many parts around the front buffer beam, that I can't hold the buffer beam by hand. Therefore I made 'carrying handle' from steel bars and plastic tape.

The loco was almost completed except etched plates and lettering.....