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I employed stainless steel taper pin for the drain cocks. The valve bodies are finished with a taper pin reamer.

The cross hole in the body is drilled and taper reamed in a jig. Note the hole in the jig is extended after drilling so as to clear the taper pin reamer.

The taper pin will be fixed in the valve body with an E-ring. The photo shows how to determine the position of the groove for E-ring. The groove is formed with a thin parting tool. When turning, the pin is supported by a brass bar in the tail stock.

The taper pin and the crank pin are silver soldered in each end of the oval plate. The oval shape is filed out with two rollers around the plate as guides.

45 degree cross hole in the taper pin is drilled with a jig and a triangle.

Drain system assembly. The front and rear drain cocks are coupled with the connecting arm. Then the left and right connecting arms are coupled with the operating levers at the both end of the stem. The lower stem is connected to the upper stem with the forked levers, and the upper stem is connected to the operating handle in the cab with the reach rod.

The operating handle is mounted at the right corner of the firebox where the driver can accesses easily.

I prepared mockup of the cab plates with cardboard to check convenience of driver's operation. If you are right-handed, you had better place important gears at the left side of the cab to where you can access easily more than the right side.