< Lagging & Cleading >

The drawing shows a section of boiler lagging and cleading. The lagging is too soft to squeeze with boiler bands, so it needs spacers under the boiler bands.

The spacers were made of aluminum band plate. As the picture shows, they were winded around the boiler barrel and squeezed with stainless steel wire.

The lagging is made of 'Kaowool' 2mm paper. Thin stainless steel wire secures the lagging permanently.

The boiler cleadings were cut from 0.5mm brass sheet. You can scribe two lines of 0.5mm pitch and saw between the lines. Note a suitable illumination highlights the scribed lines. Illumination is important for such a work.

Small holes for small bushes were opened. The picture shows a milling operation for a hole of safety valve. After that I rolled up the sheet around a large steel tube. However, as a result, the sheet around the hole was distorted and it took long time to repair. I have to say that any hole on the cleading should not be opened before you roll up the sheet to a final diameter !

Large holes were sawn out with fret saw.

Flanging rear end of the cleading with a large steel tube as a 'former'. Note an aluminum band secures the sheet around the tube.

The boiler bands were made of commercial brass band sheet. At both ends, small brass angles were riveted and silver soldered.

The lagging was covered with the cleadings and tightened with the boiler bands.

The fourth boiler band is on the firebox. The band is wound under the foundation ring and tightened at left side of the firebox.

The photo shows a headlight bracket on smokebox ring. It was cut, filed and silver-soldered.

So as to fix the outer dome around the inner dome, I added a stud on the inner dome. A phosphor bronze round bar was silver soldered and finished in the lathe.

The hand pump handle was too short to operate easily. So I extended the handle.