< Platework 3 >

The spectacle plate should be closely fitted to the boiler barrel. It is better confirmed with a card board before cutting material. Also top radius of the plate should be traced from the roof. However, after all I did for it, slight gap was remained.

I added a boiler band so as to hide the gap. The left end of the band was fixed on the main frame, while the right end was screwed into the running board. The screw can be adjusted to control band tension.

The front window glass was made from PMMA clear sheet, sawn out and filed to the desired profile. The window frames, sawn out from a brass sheet, hold the glass from both sides. I employed M1.4 micro screw for it.

Aluminum angles were added in the side tank, so as to prevent water rocking.

Inner and bottom plates of the tank are assembled with countersunk screws. The photo shows transferring a screw hole from the bottom plate to a brass angle.

Inner-left side plate has a step, so as to clear the reach rod. Note brass square bars were employed as spacers. These parts were fixed with copper rivets and soft-soldered.

Manholes of the side tank were made from brass round bar, and soft-soldered in the top plates. I utilized high-temperature and high-tension solder for it.

As reinforcement of the roof, brass band plates were fixed with rivets behind the roof.

Air vent pipes of the both side tanks were made of partly threaded cupper tube elbow. They were screwed into the spectacle plate and locked with nuts. Top end of the elbow should be higher than the top plate of the side tank.

Connecting pipe of the side tank is made from brass tube with rectangle brass flange. The flange is silver-soldered, then trued up in the lathe. Inner end of the tube is covered with brass mesh filter.

Cab handrail is almost the same as smokebox handrails. The rail was press fitted to upper stanchion and loose fitted to lower stanchion.

Whole body was assembled with silicon sealing glue. Inner side plates and cab inside were painted and stoved before assembly, because it is difficult to do afterward.