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William's cab reverser is screw reverse type that achieves fine cut-off adjustment. The problem is lengthy operation. Moreover, in construction, we have to cut left-handed screw and nut.
The picture shows my solution. A pair of gears accelerate and reverse the revolution of the operating handle. As a result I can use ordinal M6 screw and can reverse the engine with 12 turns of the handle.

Fortunately I got a pair of carbon steel gears. The smaller gear is annealed, threaded and hardened again.

The reverser stand was cut in the rotary table. I prefer the method to using hacksaw and files.

The bearings were cut from carbon steel bar and silver soldered to the stand. Two round bars are just for alignment.

The nut was cut from a phosphoric bronze round bar. Because I didn't have the material in rectangle shape. The pins were press fitted.

The top cover plate was made from a brass sheet. After painting I cut a scale with a tool made from a tip of hacksaw blade.

The handle plate was cut in the rotary table from a free-cutting stainless steel bar.

The handle is also made of stainless steel. After rounding the tip, the tapered profile is turned with a brass bar support.

Parts for the handle unit.

Heat-resisting black paints were applied to the parts and they were annealed in an oven-toaster. Don't take out new toaster from your kitchen, otherwise it should be spoiled by black smoke.

Assembled with MoS2 paste that assures smooth operation.