< Sand Dome >

I chose square sand-dome for my William. It hides the boiler water feed plug. Top of the water plug imitates a hatch of the dome, so the top hole and the plug should be truly coaxial.

Top and both sides of the dome is made from 1.2mm brass sheet bent with Metal Bender. The large hole is drilled and extended in four-jaw.

Tracing profile of the bent plate, front and rear plate are prepared. I utilized 0.7mm brass pins to secure the both plates in the bent plate during soldering operation.

Sand pipe covers are made from brass block.

The block is placed onto the dome side and drilled through, so as to secure with brass pins during soldering.

Water feed bush with the plug. The bush has over hanged flange on which the sand dome will be fixed.

Sand dome bottom plate is prepared and screwed onto the bush. Note four legs of brass square bar are hanged at every corner.

The dome is aligned as follows. Put the dome on the bottom plate and screw the plug into the bush, then the dome is automatically centered. Drop suitable adhesive between the dome and the legs, then remove whole job from the bush. Drill through for small rivet, clean all parts and assemble with flax and rivets. Then finish with silver soldering.