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I had expected total weight of the loco would be less than 30kg, but the result is 35kg. Pony truck axle weight cannot be adjusted, so additional 5kg is onto driving and coupling wheels. Fortunately it increases pulling power.

I prepared 'rerailer' which guides the loco from the container to tracks. It is a pair of steel bar bolted on a wood plate. The plate also serves as a roof of the container.

I added support bars between the tracks in the container, so as to prevent derailment. These were made from aluminum angle bars bended 45 degree.

Although the loco was completed, I have no plan to make a test run yet. On October I will change my residence, so I have to start packing all of items in my workshop right now.

Six years have passed since I started this serial report. I am deeply grateful to all of you for your kind support and cooperation. I take a short break here until a new project will start. Thank you very much!