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Well, enough about me! I'll be happy to talk to you in Chat anytime!I will have some links here soon! I like too many things to list here so you can visit my County pages.And this page will be featuring my personal interests, which are: Motor cycle, look at some of my favorite pictures, friend and Myself! LOTS of photos!And, HOT list...etc. Please click on a link below to see more information.But some are in Japanese but there are many places on the net to download and read capabilities for your browser.

*View : sonota " its others " /cgi-club.vis-a-vis.co.jp/ Okayama informational page. 

I love chatting in sonota and I've met some really nice friends there. It's too bad I'm soooo--- busy withwork lately and that I don't go in chat as much as I'd like. But if you see me, please say hi!! JUST CLICK HERE!
See ya in chat!

*View : Photos " some pictures of me, " & some junk about me.

* Go here to find out more info on one of my fav music groups, find out tour dates, and other info on the artists. i hope that this info will be useful to you.

* this is me! Look at my picture: I have so many other interests but just construction...huh?
Wow...Sorry But in addition to other things I also have to optimize this site ASAP.
I didn't have time to update most of my page to the new layout yet, please wait.
Hey, come on in and share what you want.
Or just comment on this page, what you'd like to see or anything that's on your mind. Last Up Date Nov,13'2006

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everything start over

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